My Daily Bread

The body of a goddess...that's how I thought of her. With shoulders slightly broad; making you think of just the right amount of comfort, narrowing down to her waist...the tiniest I had ever seen....then the roundness of her buttocks, with a firmness that made you want to grab them hard. Watching her undress was pleasurable, caressing every part of her with me eyes, taking time to longer on all the right places...a goddess amongst men. She stepped into the bathroom, leaving me eagerly waiting for her reappearance. I wanted to have her now...I shifted to ease the pain throbbing in the bulge between my legs. I waited patiently for her return...longest moments of my life. Ah!!! there she was. I felt like prancing on her like a Lion on heat, but I had to wait...I knew I had to wait. I did not want to scare her off, that's why I had to be discreet - even while watching her. I looked at my time; 6.25am - it was almost time, five more minutes and he would be gone. I had watched them long enough to know he left the house 6.30am every morning.

Turning my thoughts back to my goddess, I watched as she eased into her panties...some white lacy thing which I now felt pity for, as it would soon be ripped off. Just then, he walked up to her and placed a quick kiss on her lips and rushed out of the room. I waited and listened for him to get into his car and drive off. "Finally" I thought...yet I must remain careful. Carefully, I got up from the spot where I had crouched all night - what a vantage point it had proven to be. I knew she would be lying in bed now...she did that every time. A number of times, I had wondered what sort of person, wakes up early to take a bath, and then goes back to bed...but did I mention she was a goddess? so I guess it must be some goddess act.

I made my way to the kitchen exit; I had seen him take out some junk before he left. Turning the knob I smiled, nature must be on my side...I let myself in. I had no trouble finding the bedroom, besides the bulge between my legs was all the map I needed. The door made a small creaking sound as I opened it..."Forgot Something" she muttered half awake. I made no response as I continued towards the bed, longing clouding my eyes, as I watched her curled up on her side, heaving peaceful breaths.

I got into bed behind her, pressing hard against her..."Don't tell me you came back for a quickie" she teased, her voice already laced with arousal. As she snuggled closer, she pushed her buttocks further up against me. I grabbed them hard, with the satisfaction of having waited so long to do so. "Not just a quickie" I replied.

I felt the gasp before it escaped her lips...she turned to me with horror in her eyes. I stifled her cry with a blow and watched as she went limp; long enough for me to gag her and tie her hands and legs. She blinked once...twice... and instantly came back to the realization of what was happening, struggling as much as she could. Her struggles only made me groan with pleasure and excitement, as I ripped apart the lace panties she had on. I saw little tear drops trickle down the sides of her face, but I didn't care for that...I grabbed the pillow next to her, smothering her with it. Then I thrust hard and harder and deeper...letting out pent up desires; desires form watching her dress and undress; desires from dreaming and fantasizing; desires from waiting.

It felt good; just like I had hoped...even better. As the energy dissipated, she struggled less, until all she could do was moan, almost silently. Recurrent waves of orgasm seized me, racking through my body...just when I thought my brain would pop...Haaa!!! sweet relief. At the same time I climaxed, she breathed her last. I smiled to myself with content - just the way I preferred it. "Poor thing", I grinned. Crumbling to her side, I relished the moment I just had - Awesome!. Reaching out, I felt her still warm body and once again climbed unto her...this was the best part. Where there were no struggles, no squabbles...just me inside of her, savoring the warmth while it lasted. Absently sucking on her subtle breasts, I steered my thoughts away from the warmth enveloping me and started to make plans...Plans for the next day's meal.

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  1. U just put this here? Check these sha....."taking time to longer on all the right places...a goddess amongst men. " - Linger I fink.
    "caressing every part of her with me eyes" -is the 'me eyes' deliberate?