I was sitting in the comforts of my living room watching a program on my television when an advert came on. It was that of 33 export lager beer; the gist of the advert is that a couple of guys were at the bar when the wife, girlfriend or fiancĂ©e of one the guys called. The guy urged his friends to keep it quiet while he received the call and then went ahead to lie that he was in traffic and his friends also helped in making “traffic noises”. The moral of the advert accordingly was that of friends that would do anything.

My expression after seeing this advert? *mouth wide agape, speechless and head shaking from side to side*. I can totally imagine fans of the brand watching the advert and raising their glasses amd cheering, passing comments like; “Na so o”, “Way to go bro”... *I shake my head*

Pardon me, but I don’t get it, since when did we lose our values to the extent of propagating them like it was common culture. You say the youths have had their values eroded by the influence of the TV on them, especially with the invention of cable network...and I agree to a large extent. But since when did advertisements become unsafe to watch.

Brings to mind another advert by a drug company which luckily I cannot remember their name. The gist was that of a husband who happily gave his wife drugs and left her home to attend a party alone and was then happily frolicking with a female. Two things I’m bothered about; it preached self administration of drugs and also infidelity.

If these adverts are the output of some "creative" minds then we do have a problem. As much as I am most times lost as to the creative concepts of some international adverts, I cannot recollect any one propagating immorality so obscenely. I make bold to say that these adverts were conjured by a bunch of egotistical males because I would find it embarrassing if it were a fellow female who found that hilarious enough to become an advert. Ah pardon the feminist sword I just drew on you guys...it’s nothing personal.

On the whole though we have to face it - yes the economy is in the dirt; yes our morals are gone with the wind; yes we have lost our way somewhat...somehow. But are we now at the point where we boldly flaunt our inefficiencies. My anger is specifically directed at the so called bodies supposed to be monitoring these things. Do they even know their jobs and besides do they even know any differently from the rest of us; are they professionals in their fields? For Pete’s sake we have a handful of them; APCON, ADVAN... what the heck are their duties.

It’s sad really because yet again we have shown our inefficiencies as a nation; our lack of professionalism in every sector; our lack of character; our lack of values, in fact our lack of everything. Sadder is the fact that the right people might not get to read this piece, but I believe those adverts should be withdrawn, and the companies should in fact be fined heavily. I’m drained from thinking of the many loop holes of this country; I only pray we find help somehow, someday...SOON!


  1. I'm yet to find one thing for which to say I'm proud to be a Nigerian! Every sector has been irredeemably eroded by corruption, immorality, mediocrity & what have you. Imagine what such ads that encourage falsehood and drug abuse among other vices can do to the already dented image of a country like Nigeria! God help us!

  2. I understand where you are coming from...I stil like to raise my head proudly Nigerian, I only hope I can keep it up much longer.

    Thank you for dropping a comment, its a pleasure having you here!

  3. Hmmmmmm!!!!! I can imagine that feeling. Can we blame them in the real sense of it? When in the field you are under pressure to come up with ideas no matter how stupid or bad it is, all they need is what will bring in money into the organisation. Unfortunately, the upcoming generation will see it as a norm and wudnt see anything wrong with that so they continue in that line. Long and short over time it becomes the standard. Quite sad