The One Percent Difference...

There's a game on my phone - Bubble Shooter or something like that. The gist however is that you have to succeed at one level to proceed to the next, and succeed in this regard means you have to score a hundred percent. Every time you score less than a hundred, it boldly writes FAILED!!!.

So on this fateful day I and my brother get to to this level where after several attempts, we always end up with ninety-nine percent (99%) ad still it gives us FAILED. Then it dawned on me, that there really is a thin line not just between love and hate, but also between failure and success and in general - good and evil.

That single blow that kills a man, that one argument that ends a relationship, that single gesture that changes your life, that one word that affects a life.... these are the one percents in our lives. True we most times do not know what the next moment holds, but to a certain extent we can do our part. We can guard our choices, give our best, and most of the time that best is only one percent away.

You know how back in school, lecturers can mark you up on a test or exam, when you are just a mark or two away from the cut-off point...but life doesn't always mark us up, we have to give it our all. I believe the seemingly little things are the most important things that with time add up to a great life.

I believe that a life of ninety-nine percent (99%) really is no use if the most vital one percent (1%) is missing, I believe that the world itself is ruled by many one percents (1%), I believe that all that is needed for a great life, is one percent - one best percent!

What Do You Think?


  1. I think this is brief but deep.
    Well Done!