Prince charming number one wasn’t much of a talker
Just a nod and a smile, but no...he wasn’t a stalker
So I’ll get all chit-chatty-chit, until I was a bother
So I named me word and he the opposite
We were friends and lovers; we were all we could be
But on a day like this, it all came to a finish

Now the second prince charming…oh he was the talker
He could go on and on and still be his charming self
So I will sit and smile, once in while complete his sentence
No doubt he was word, and I the direct opposite
And in our own little world, we were like five and six
But just like the first, he’s also come and gone
Can’t tell the story though, we might be here till dawn
Now I’m here at a crossroad not sure what to look for
Because if need be, I could play the opposite, or even word

And did I tell you there’s now prince charming three
He talks when need be, and can listen when you need him
A perfect blend of both worlds, so it might seem
I know what you’re thinking, so go ahead and ask me
The question on your mind is; is he my word or opposite?


  1. ::: happy fresh year dreamer! (clapping my hands). we also need you to answer us 'are u the reason' they are leaving - are u word or opposite :::

  2. yayyyy....welcome anonymous, happy to have you here this new year!

    And like my character said, she can be word or opposite.

  3. :::smiles... your character is twisting our brains, let her go for them all..haba:::

  4. Totally understood the poem. What I don't, however, is the character's disposition to allowing guys dictate the kind of person she is.

    Read twice cos it had this nice flow which I liked.

  5. On the contrary, the character isn't been influenced by the men in her life. She is however trying to pass across one of the following:
    * you know when as a bad guy you meet someone you love deeply and then you become the mushy type
    *You know when you love someone enough to take the back seat and watch them glow...but take note,its not you loosing your identity
    *That there's an element of both worlds in each and every one of us, if only we would discover the best use for them when and if appropriate.

    Thank you evolvingtosyn!

    1. Well... I see the angle you are pushing this from. I still have my reservations sha.

      Keep doing your thing.