How Long…Too Long!!!

Brian McKnight’s 6.8.12 is on, on my playlist
I swear these songs don’t help me one bit
Remember how we would sit at home all day
Arguing which club was better-yours or mine?

Remember how you would call me up and say
All I wanted was just to hear you smile
I would chuckle, shake my head and call you sly
Since when could one hear another smile?

Remember how we would stay up all night
Sharing our dreams and all that we had in mind
Remember… oh stop me from going on and on
All I need remember is you are no longer mine

Remember how you would rub my back
With dabs of menthol when I had a cold
Remember how… Oh there I go again
I really should stop; I’m starting to sound old

Those thoughts and memories ought to be lost in time
But you are one helluva flame that’s refused to die
Not six months, not a year…it’s been forever
I don’t know why my heart wouldn't find another

Yet right now I’m sure you are asleep in another’s arms
While I again stay up late writing sorrowful psalms


  1. Hmmmm...pregnant, poignant, very emotional stuff.

    1. thank you shai...its always a pleasure to have you here

    2. wah happened to the beginning tho? Something went wrong there btw BOYZIIMEN and the date.

  2. ::: Brian McKnight 6,8,12 that's the one i know, kindly send the BoyzIImen version to me please... hmmm...from a dreamer to a sorrowful psalms writer - talents too much!:::