I saw a picture of you!

I saw a picture of you
Your lips were slightly parted
"He said a prayer.." the thought came to me
I guess that was the last thing on your lips

I saw your eyes rolled up to the heavens
maybe you were sending out a plea
or desperately looking out for a miracle

I saw your hand stretched out with palms open
desperately hoping that someone would take them
and help you up...help you out of there

But no one came,no one dared...no one cared
There really was no love in the heart of the city
let alone in the heart of the people

I saw a picture of you
now it's all I can think of!



  1. May their souls RIP.May the almighty guide our steps so we may not be wrongly accused of things we didnt do

  2. Amen bruva/sis

    Thanks for dropping a comment!