*in wande coals voice* been long you saw me...

So I've been absent a while, but not without reason. I am hosting my very first guest blogger (Monika Ribeiro) here today and her featured piece "Queen" is an amazing poem. Queen is what she likes to call "the other side of the coin" to my lst piece "Just before you leave" and I couldn't agree with her more.

Okay enough of my talk...just enjoy the poem and please drop a comment. Thank you!

Again, she is called by the voice of his eyes
Again, she infuriates him daring to say ’I won’t come’

‘She must think she is too good’, considers the king
‘She must think she’s good enough to be chased by me!’

He’s too busy with himself to care what’s inside the queen
He can’t hear her desperate although silent scream…

Queen is bored with her own beauty and their phony love
She no longer loves the king and no longer hears from God…

The king cannot calm her fears, does not want to wipe her tears
Cannot save her and she hates him for he no more gives her joy

She’s exhausted in her rest and king’s words no longer work…
Once they shared passion and romance – now it’s like a business deal

He wants to boast in her beauty, she wants to be seen
He wants her to satisfy him, she wants to be queen

Like one of the royal dancers she puts on a show, each time
Queen’s just like the future queens and queens of the past…

She’s cleaning her house and fixing her hair…
Draws lines around her pretty eyes filled with emptiness

She keeps running from herself, yet she’s everywhere
And she moves away from the Light convinced it won’t shine on her…

Now, her soul’s no longer willing. Now, she loses everything
Her king turns his back on her… She’s no longer queen…

He leaves her no ‘Royal Palace’ in which she could hide
Her mind fails; she’s too exhausted to reason with lies…

She is empty... Queen she knew now completely dies…

Yet, she breaks in tears filled with willingness
Yet, she takes what was her crown, puts it in His Hands

And she asks for His forgiveness, so she can forgive herself
And she prays for one more chance, and the strength to change…

Answers find her in the midst of pain…
Even though the king is gone still
Queen is born again…

By Monika Beata Francisco-Ribeiro

Monika is my first guest blogger and I am honoured to have her here. She is an amazing talent who's love and passion is burrowed deep in writing. To read her full profile, please check here: http://www.blackheritagetodayuk.com/1224/monika-beata-francisco-ribeiro/


  1. Beautiful Poem. Though I didn't get the message fully.

    1. hey babyada, thanks for dropping a comment.

      The poem I believe is simply that of a Queen who found herself despite the rejection of the king.

      Suffice to say its about al individuals trascending the lowest points of their lives to becoming better people.

      But then I would just ask the author to respond better.

      Thanks again!


  2. Hi Babyada,

    First of all, thank you for the interest and kind words.

    Tiwa’s answer is accurate. In addition to it I'd like to say that she finds herself by turning to God and by giving away the right to be queen ( ‘Yet, she takes what was her crown, puts it in His Hands’).

    Initially, she gave too much of herself to her king. She lost her identity in their relationship and because of that he lost interest in her. She came to the point of recognizing that she was to blame for the failure of the relationship as much as the king was (because she forgot about her first King).

    When she turned back to God, He made her queen again. This time though her identity is not dependent on whether or not the king will come back to her. She is queen, regardless…

    There are so many hidden messages in this poem and I could talk about it for a long time. I have discussed it to some extent on my facebook author's page http://www.facebook.com/monikaribeiro.writer
    - post from the 17th of August (without the picture).

    Please refer to it for more if you will, and keep asking please. I'd be happy to answer more questions,

    P.S. Dear Tiwa, Once again thank you for publishing this poem and allowing me to answer questions on your blog. Love, Monika :)

    1. hey Monika....

      Thanks for the comprehensive response. Aprc8 u and I'm sure babyada does too.