I really couldn’t sleep yesterday
My heart kept beating the rhythm of loss.
Been trying to reach you all day
'Cos I think your heart has set a different course.
Tell me I’m just paranoid in my own way
That we’ll be together, even through the floods.
Tell me this love has come to stay
That it will be for ages, never to go to dust.
We met for the first time on the driveway
If there was such a thing, we were love struck
Our hearts were set on the expressway
Beating together, both in one accord
But here I am with feelings unsure
Wondering if our love will see another day.


  1. My eyes are tired from trying in vain to sleep,
    I have tried to retrace the steps we took, but I keep rolling in the deep.

    Remember the driveway, where we met;
    I'll be there, everyday, hoping to see the Sun set.

  2. Remember the sun sets in a place separate from where it rises
    We might have left the expressway, dunno the routes we now ply.

    thanks, good to have to here.

  3. Less care for the direction of the sun, as long as it rises and sets everyday;
    I ply a different course, hoping that somehow it will bring me back to the expressway.