Hi people, I'm glad to be back here and glad you are still here. Sorry I have been absent, a lot (or maybe not) has been happening. I have gone through different phases and what I have come to realize is that in all situations we should strive to be happy.

So I went in search of ways to be happy (LOL), and they were all so boring they made me sadder than I was before I found them hehehe...

So this is what I did, I sat down..put my legs up and reflected on my life and some moments came up that just made my day.

Any ways, here are the tips for you on how to be happy:
1) Be optimistic
2) Stay close to family and friends
3) Don't hold grudges
4) Enjoy my FANfreakingTASTIC moments below

* Making pancakes and puff puff with family (in those days)
* Falling in Public, but being able to have a good laugh afterwards

* Abount to climb a bike and my skirt slit rips all the way up
* Strutting my way to a party and my shoe heel breaks

* Stabbing 7am classes (while in school)
* Climbing Cashew trees and/or every other fascinating tree

* "Speed cleaning" the house with adrenaline pumping through me just before my mum gets home
* Holidays when everyone in the family (nuclear) is home
* Sneaking to the living room at night to watch a movie...and then being caght by my dad (on top indian/chinese movie that was not even subtitled)

* Back in secondary school when I would be punished for incomplete cutlery, then asked to put my food on my head and eat with my hands (after a while it became a punishment to look forward to)
* Days when I and my siblings performed traditional dances for my grandparents (Lmao!!!)
* Daydreaming of "ways to meet my prince charming"

* Time out with girlfriends...nothing lesbo

* Frustrating my siblings...hehe there's nothing like being a pain in the neck
* Pretending to be fast asleep when i'm called for morning devotion

* Having a blast with junk food (which is like everytime)

* Playing pranks by calling random numbers (I don't do that anymore sha)