When the owl came up in the dead of the night,
And rent the air with its deafening cry

When our chests continued day and night
Heaving up and down in relentless sighs.
Maybe we should have known that doom was nigh
Or that heroes were about to ascend before our eyes

Maybe we would have kept our hearts from the impending fright
Or shut our eyes , to avoid the gruesome sight

Now again the owl rises in the dead of the night
Renting the air with shrills and cries
Even as we stay up all night and cry

As our hearts have become heavy from all the sighs
We could have or should have known...but does anyone ever know the time?
When giant birds will fall from the skies
Or when lives will to a halt grind

"Don't cry for me Argentina"...is the song that comes to mind
When I imagine you before the pearly gates with teary eyes

Bidding us not to cry even as you wave goodbye.
But cry we will, for what are our tears compared to your lives

Still life goes on... this we cannot deny, no matter how hard we try

We believe you are in a better place, away from all the strife
The hate, violence, pain, hurt, deceit and the lies.
But there's a place you'll remain - "our hearts" - a place where forever love binds

Now the world mourns that fateful day, the big bird fell from the sky
And how with its fall, various heroes ascended before our eyes.



  1. The big bird indeed, no thanks to the negligence of dana operators. I dont even wanna go there. I pray for strenght to pull thru for freinds and relatives of the departed.

    1. hmm...prayer is the least we can offer my friend. May the Lord also continue to keep us and all that is ours!

      Ose ore mi, thanks for dropping by.

  2. Only the truth that in life we have spoken,
    Only the seeds that in life we have sown;
    These shall pass onwards when we are forgotten,
    Only remembered by what we have done...thus would we pass from this earth and its toiling;
    Only remembered by what we have done.

    1. Hmm..True words you have put up...we'll all be remembered for what we have done; the lives we touched, and even those we scorched!


  3. I like your poem tiwa, this incidence was really sad.