In One Night

As I laid next to you pretending to be asleep

I listened to your heartbeats; they told me you were awake

Something was on your mind, that much I could tell

You would tap me I knew…all I had to do was count to three

Tap, tap… you did. That was fast – faster than I thought

Coiling and twisting, I feigned unwillingness to wake

Tap, tap… more determined you tapped even harder

I turned to you and saw your face masked in pain

I knew it, I knew it… a triumphant cry in my head

If only I really knew, what I thought I knew

You were sadder than ever, I had never seen you like this

Finally you spoke, after numerous failed attempts

And from your voice I could tell it took all of your strength

“Am in love with another”, those five words pierced my heart

Stunned to silence…I didn’t see this coming

“Who is she?” I whispered, barely audible through my pain

I wondered how her face was carved differently from mine

or how her body was moulded in the loveliest of ways

Perhaps her kiss dripped of honey, sucking you into her comb

“It’s a HE” you replied… that night, my world came crashing.


  1. He ke?
    Tiwa gbayi!!! Nice twist there.

    1. hehehehe...

      thank u bolaji, glad u enjoyed it.

  2. Hmmm... seen stories like this (body of evidence, trapped in the closet etc) where people get surprised cos a HE comes at the ending. Yours was 'novelish'.

    Nice twist Tiwaloluwa, didn't get to know this part of you.

    1. Seun dear, now u know this part.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Madam put a book together ABEG

    1. hehehehehe

      Yes Boss...buh pray for ur girl.

  4. I laffed...I really laffed.


  5. hehehehehe....

    Glad I could make you laugh...and please don't stop!