Of the wars we fought, and the ones we lost
Of the nights we cried, over those that died
Of the songs we sang, while in mourning for long
Of our wives and kids, who were left behind to grieve.

Of our lands which we watched, as villains came and snatched
Of our men whom were felled, by the villains' swords they felt
Of the animals we became, from the woes of wars we faced
Of our hearts stripped bare, from the losses we couldn't bear

Of our lands made wet, from the tears we daily shed
Of the hearts left broken, and the lives that were taken
Of the bloodshot eyes we saw, on the faces of our children-sore
Of the homes we left, as we missed our children grow into men

Of the joys that were stolen, from the homes that were broken
Of the pain and scars, which till today have left their marks
Of our backs which remain bent, from the long hour of toiling spent
Oh If our tears could speak, these tales they would tell with ease


  1. Now this was more troubling than I thought. What inspired you?

    1. *wondering if 'troubling' is a good thing...

      thinking back now tho' i av no idea what inspired me, maybe all the happenings around/maybe not

      thanks for dropping by jare!

  2. My tears will speak out my happiness and also let me knw dat d rich also cry