How I Feel Today

I'm being dragged
Can't even explain it
But I do not feel the same
Don't know if the word is fagged

The tears freely find their way
Even though I can't remember being hurt
Can one be happy and heavy both at once
Because that's exactly how I feel today

Well in a wrap that's how I feel today, wish I could put it in more words but I don't get it myself. So I'm going to stop ranting now and just wish myself a lovely day ahead, and same to you guys.


  1. hmm....feel on top of the world today and i know y.. my life, my rules, my choice

  2. hehehe good for u o...

    envy u plenty....hope my day turns out like urs

  3. You message truly reflect how i feel,in this same day.woke up to a call that looks like nightmare,this same day got a call that sweetening my heart. at some point going crazy then next minute feeling on top of the world. in all i own my thot,i have chosen to be happy. i cant sacrifice my joy and happiness. thanks my friend for this piece. choa!

    1. hi nakata...wow cool to have someone that can relate with one's feelings.

      So i'm glad you seized the day, and the good thing is my day turned out for the best too.

      Thanks for dropping by! See u again soon

  4. HA! this definitely explains how I feel sometimes.

    Well done.

    1. Glad you can relate with it bruva.