The sound of the monitor I was attached to greeted my ears, as I slowly made my way to consciousness.

Gosh!!! my head felt heavy and the pain was so intense I found myself wondering if metal chunks had been placed inside. I had recently come out of a 2-week long coma just two days ago - or so the doctor had said.

I had scarcely opened my eyes when I felt myself drifting back to sleep. I allowed a weak smile creep up my face, thinking I had hardly done anything besides drifting in and out of sleep for the past two days.

"I wonder what they are pumping into me" I thought.


At that instant, I willed my eyes wide open, that face... That face had been constant by my bedside, yet no idea who it belonged to.

"Nurse...I think she just opened her eyes"

"Dayum" I thought, what a voice to complement that face. Oh how I tried to stay awake, to linger on that face just a little longer....helplessly I blacked out.



I smiled at that familiar sound again; it was now like my alarm and lullaby at the same time. Even before I opened my eyes, I could see it already...that face which had plagued me even in my dream. As expected, there it was... but he must have made new friends, as I opened my eyes to see more strange faces peering down at me.

I began to allow myself think I was in a teaching hospital and was just been used for one of their rounds. One after the other I scanned the faces before me, scrutinizing them and enjoying it...then I saw her. Beautiful in all ways, ageing with grace and with eyes laden with compassion. She stood silently watching and waiting...probably even praying.

"Wait a minute...but she looks like me" - "atleast the last time I checked" - "when was that anyways" - "wonder what I even look like", on and on my thoughts rambled.

The arrival of the doctor by my side stalled my thoughts, but I kept my eyes fixed on this woman; finding it unable to tear my gaze away even if I had wanted to.

"Hi, how are you today?"

I turned my face at the doctor's voice, managed a smile and said "Am hanging in there, thank you"

"You have special visitors today and they have all come to support you..."

On and on he rambled about how I had slipped and fallen from the staircase, probably bumping my head against a few steps on my way down; landing me in a coma, and subsequently a condition of amnesia(memory loss) which I was now experiencing. Then he went ahead to introduce my brother, sister, father and ofcourse mother (guess she does look like me)

I held my breath all through the brief but seemingly unending explanation. I did not know what to feel; fear, anxiety, confusion... I was simply lost.

Then I remembered that face... the doctor had made no mention of him, neither had he (the face) voiced a word. I turned to look at him, as if by my gesture to remind them that someone was still unaccounted for. I met with beautiful yet haunted eyes, that spoke volumes without uttering a word.

"Was he my boyfriend, fiance, or..." No I stopped short at the thought. It couldn't be...or could it?

"Ehm Ehm.." I heard the doctor clear his throat beside me, but I couldn't care less. I was now enthralled by the haunted eyes staring into my very soul, taking me on a journey through feelings and emotions that left me overwhelmed.

"This is Femi" the doctor persisted "...your husband". I felt his grip on my hand tighten instinctively as the doctor introduced him.

"I am Married!!!" I yelled in my head, and only then did I notice the gold band peacefully cupping my finger. I took it off and stared at it long and hard, looked up again at my said husband and wondered how I could have forgotten those eyes; the nights spent in his arms; the warmth of his embrace; the kiss even the lovemaking... how?

My mind lost it...every thread of sanity I had been holding onto vanished. My heart began to beat frantically and the monitor blared out the rhythm in a tone which sounded nothing like a lullaby at the moment.

I could't breathe, beads of sweat had formed on my forehead; some trickling down my face.

"Oh God" I clenched my bed gasping for breath, the monitor did nothing to help matters as it went on and on in its high pitched tone. I regarded the frenzy happening before me; saw the nurses pacing around in a confused pattern; saw the panic I had thrown my new, old...whatever family into; and saw the fear on their faces as I felt the sting of the needle that finally took me into a welcomed oblivion.

Beep...Beep...Beep.... It escorted me all the way.


  1. Inspiring... no, intriguing, oh no wait! then i opened my eyes and all i could see was a dreamy-looking pink text posted by teewah@12:57pm, omg! msheeeew... so it's just a dream.lovely

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  3. keep it coming... keep being real...keep up the creative works...soon, very soon...u will smile. great piece dear

  4. Hmmm. Nice, but I feel like it should have a next part or something....right?

    1. hehehe...yea Josh I feel like it should have a next part too, I just have not been able to get around to it.

      Thanks, glad you like it!