Dear Friend

One minute they are here, the next minute they are gone
Life goes on we know, but deep down it still hurts
I can't cry your tears, I can't feel your pain
But I can close my eyes, and bow my head
Take a minute silence and share in your grief
To try to feel your pain, might be a waste of time
But still I will try, because that's the least I can do
Maybe if you were here, I could hold your hand
Dry your eyes, and comfort you
But since you're not, dear friend I pray
That the spirit of God, that's sweet and calm
Will fill your heart, with comfort and peace
My words may do little or nothing, to soothe your pain
But in my little words, dear friend I care
And I long desperately to see again
Those beautiful eyes, twinkling...full of love
And I count every second until the day
The sound of your laughter again rents the air
Take heart dear friend, there's more of life to live
Be strong my friend, tears don't heal...they make you ill
Life is cruel, death is wicked! Yes I know...but take heart still.

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