We've Been Robbed

I was home recently and met with the sad news of a neighbour who had passed on. While we may keep speculating on the cause of death, the circumstances surrounding the death, and even the reason for it. The fact remains that death has yet again robbed us of a great person, a loving being, a kind hearted woman dedicated to the cause of her children, a mother of many Nations... It is sad.

I join my Dad and other members of my family, even as we count the days to the one-year rememberance anniversary, of my dearly beloved Uncle who passed away last year April. Life is unfair and Death is cruel, yet we take each day hoping and praying that we live our best. Events like this, though sad...again remind the rest of us, that with the rising and setting of the sun, and the passing of each day, our destination get closer than our starting points. Living in the consciousness of this fact, let's forge ahead to make the world see the best that is in us. Let's count our blessings each day, and make our lives channels of blessings to others around us. Let's be happy and content, let's love and allow ourselves to be loved.

I join every one who has lost someone dear to them...let us not lose hope. The saying "when there is life, there is hope" is surely not overrated - trust me. So to all those who have lost someone, and to the departed (Mummy Funbi, Bimbo Alagbe, Chudi, Nancy, Rev. Adeleke, Tope Adebiyi, Tayo Oladele...) who we will forever miss, I dedicate this:

On that fateful day we parted with smiles
Hoping to keep in touch across the miles
We took with us the memories we had shared
The love, the fights and the tears we had shed
Little did we know of what lay ahead
Now a face once known has suddenly disappeared
And a voice once heard forever doused
We were hoping to see again at the top
Where we'll make a joke of all our flops
We didn't think that when the roll was called
Not all would be there to receive their applaud
Well let's bow our hearts, sober and sincere
As we bid our heroes, a BIG FAREWELL.


  1. Yes indeed tiwah. Lets appreciate d life we av got while we are alive.

    1. I agree...life is fleeting, but the changes we can make can have a lasting effect.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. i almost lost a tear drop, living our life like its the last, and being at peace with all men,should be our watchword!
    Tiwaloluwa well done and keep the inspiration on!

    1. It really is sad, when one thinks about it.

      Thank you Fope, and next to God and Family, Friends like you are my inspiration.

  3. this was really heart touching tiwa, Well Done.

    If only we can all keep it in mind as humans that life is fleeting, then the wrold would probably be a better place.