Thanks to Y'all

I sat on my bed and watched slowly as the hands of the clock, ticked off the hour of 12. My birthday, was officially brought to an end, even as the last birthday message barely made its way into my phone. As I read the message, with a slow smile creeping up my face, I realized one thing...this day, will always be one of the best days of my life.

My day was awesome, I was older, I was happy and content, I was surrounded by love and I got new perspectives on life. One of such - Relationships. The people we meet and interact with, form a greater and vital part of our lives. I received countless calls, and watched amazed as post filled my Facebook page. I couldn't but wonder how I got myself surrounded with these many great men and women. The highlight of the day, was when I received calls and messages from strangers who were merely obliged to a friend, but who from that day, transcended from mere strangers into men and women, whose names (Chichi, Joy, Tunde, Pamela, Bayo, Immanuel, Derek...) would forever find their way into records of my history. Hmm... Relationships, sometimes they are just all we've got.

Another is Impact. It's important to always remember, that it is not enough to simply meet and interact with people. The best part is being able to make an impact in their lives. I allowed myself the pleasure of feeling special as I viewed the love with which I was surrounded from family and friends. I would like to think, that in more ways than one, I have been able to make a positive impact in your lives...but if not, I do hope to accomplish that in the nearest future. My point is, let's live a life of impact; let's ignite a smile; let's wipe some tears; let's catch someone before they hit the ground; let's change lives.

So here I am, a year older (don't ask how old I am, LOL), and grateful for all things that make up this ME. A huge Thank you, to my family, friends, colleagues at work - even my boss, and to strangers-become-friends. All thanks to you, March 23, 2012 was a BLAST!!! I love you all.


  1. ::: I alone have not not said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, hmmmm...Again, ...IF IS NOT WORTH BEING PROUD OF, ITS PROBABLY NOT WORTH DOING...!:::

    1. Anonymous? today u have chosen to be anonymous abi?. Yeah I agree it probably not worth doing at all. Thank you friend.

    2. ::: yes anonymous! Your spectacular writings has found its new wing...are u ready to soar like an eagle? good to know that this day was a mushy one friend:::

    3. All thanks to you friend.