I had a little break that gave me the opportunity of being home recently, and needless to say it is always good to be home.

For me I think the older I get the more I understand the importance of Family. Don't get me wrong, Family has always being first priority I my life, but recently I have found that I tend to miss them more, I get more defensive on their issues, I sacrifice more for them and the list is endless.

I am eternally grateful to have a family like mine, and that is why I have chosen to appreciate them first during my countdown. Some might wonder why not GOD; trust me and keep your fingers crossed.

For me, there's nothing like the love of a family,
*A love that accepts you just the way you are;
*A love that does not judge you;
*A love that always has a smile for you;
*A love whose shoulders are always comforting;
*A love that remains even when we are selfish and stubborn

A word for you, appreciate your family; no matter what. They might not have been the best over the years, but if you can, do something about it and make things change for the better.

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