Hmm today is the 6th of March, 2012 an its 16days to my birthday. I don't know why I feel really mushy about this coming birthday of mine, because the real me, never attaches anything to my birthday. This year however seems to be very different.

I specifically remember when I clocked the age of 21, my dad told me "now that you are 21, the rest of the years would fly by and you would wonder how"...

"Oro agba ti ko ba se l'owuro, oun bo wa se lale". (I doubt I got that right). The morale however is that adults are always right, like what they say always come to pass, for before my very eyes the years have flown past, and am wondering how.

Looking forward to my birthday now, I will be making it a point of duty to appreciate the things am grateful for.

Happy Birthday to me in Advance!!!

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