I opened my eyes, rousing from my sleep

Don't know for how long, but it was apparently deep

I tried to adjust my eyes to the light

I felt around, till I gained my sight

I looked around, and all was strange

With the room itself feeling like a cage

I got on my feet, walked to the door

and was scared and confused by what I saw

A huge padock barricading me in

It was locked from inside, so I must have the key

I search myself but to no avail

It seems am stuck, as one in a jail

Taking in the room, I try to remember

anything at all, word or encounter

but I come up blank, as a slate wiped clean

with no memory at all, of what might have been

Then it struck me, I can't even remember myname

fear so intense don't know from where it came

gripped my heart, almost ripping it apart

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground flat

Welcoming the darkness that took me in its embrace

resigned I drifted off to a far place

when I wake up, am sure it would have been just a dream

a second,minute, or hour...however long it mught have been

I rise with a start as though I had been tapped

only to discover that I was still trapped

and my mind still nothing but a blank page

How then is it I ended up in this cage?

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  1. ::: *wide grins* dreaming wide awake but your mind may have been rambling with excitement:::