“Tiwa”... I heard my father call me from the living room, and just as I approached, I heard the news “NLC suspends Nationwide strike”…my heart sank as I put my hands on my head (I really wanted that strike to continue). Depressed I went to my room to sleep, but just before I finally lost all consciousness, certain things dropped in my mind…”some people actually needed that strike to end to make a living”, “maybe the strike needed to end for God’s purposes to be made manifest in someone’s life”…anyway I sighed and accepted my fate (besides I couldn’t stage a one-man protest, could I?)

I had my “remember the daughter of whom you are” talk with my father before leaving home and it was awesome because a lot of insightful things were said, but through my journey and listening to the radio, my spirit was for a moment dampened, with the news about the happenings in our Nation. I couldn’t turn off the radio, so I had to deal with it. For a moment I was tempted to believe that this really was going to be a tough year, but I remembered my earlier testimony that this was going to be the year of the Lord’s favor, so I encouraged myself with it. Honestly though, to keep that faith we really have to try hard. Listening to and reading the papers, you realize that there really is a storm, things really are not okay, but our loosing faith doesn’t do us or the Nation any good.

In this faith I decided on some things to keep me going and that is what I’ll like to share:
Trust God: I mention this first, not because “put God first” is meant to be a cliché, but because it the only option. From experience we must have realized that trusting the government, security personnel, bosses, banks… is a total waste of time, so who better to rely on than our God who “daily loads us with benefits”, and “whose thoughts towards us are of good…to bring us to an expected end”. (Thinking of that alone calms my spirit)
Fight… but fight right: Don’t fight literarily o (lol), but keep the faith and work hard. I heard it sometimes back that no one goes through life without fighting, all we have to do is put up a good fight. I believe we should fight for the right to exist as the kings and queens that we are, for the right to manifest the glory in us, for the right to stand and be seen in the grace and beauty encompassing us, for the right to live a life of peace and fulfillment… fight for your heart’s desires, but fight right!
Prevail by the word: This actually is my church’s theme for the year and I believe it. I also believe that one of the things that would help get us through this year is the words that we speak, read and hear. So as much as possible lets confess the positive and surround ourselves by the things and people that can build us up with positive words.
Be Open: Be open to life, love, ideas, and opportunities. “When we fear making mistakes, we become timid and limit ourselves from living abundantly. We let analysis permeate our decision as we lead quiet, desperate, anti-faith lives, afraid to move with the bold confidence that grace gives us to walk in uncertainty, unafraid of rejection”.

I have chosen to regard these things as the year progresses and I hope it helps you too. Don’t forget that when gold passes through the fire, it comes out better; and I know that we will all pass through this year becoming better people than we already are… so in all of these things happening around you, think peace!!!

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