I woke this morning feeling really good about myself and thought I should make today all about focusing on the things that make me unique... So in a bit you will get to read the little things I discovered today and over the years. I really think you should do this too, and lets see how long your list can get... cos I believe that the longer the list, the more magical you are. ENJOY getting to know me!!!

# My name is unique... I mean how many people get to be called Tiwaloluwa.
# I sleep late, most times I can't help it. I wonder if there is a medical term or explanation for that.
# I have the cutest height. Like what I learnt back in school, anyone taller than me is too tall and vice-versa.
# I don't like food....rice, beans, eba, amala arrrgh not my thing. But talk of cheese balls, biscuits, suya... yes *widegrin*.
# I can be very local...seriously give me hot dogs, baked beans, Chinese, shrimp... and you will know what I mean.
# I love writing..be it jargons or good, I will write it.
# My brain has a mind of its own. I really wouldn't call it short term memory, I just like to think my mind is good at prioritizing.
# If given the chance, I am very lazy.
# I never have trouble sleeping... Its one of the things that come to me easily.
# I hate drugs, simply because I can't swallow them so am forced to always chew.
# I totally believe in falling in love, fairy tales, knee popping kisses and all that stuff.
# I can be very into myself sometimes...like I just want to be alone.
# I can be annoyingly shy, but sometimes you just might find that hard to believe.
# If you want to catch me speechless...just ask/tell me "tell me about yourself".
# I hate routines... I bore easily.
# I think I think too much sometimes.
# I have a very imaginative mind...*chuckling* you will be amazed at what this mind can come up with (and am not saying they are all good, lol).
# I am terrible at beauty routines; Facial cleansing, washing my face every night...ZERO.
# I have big eyeballs. if you know me, then you will agree with me, but if you don't, wait till you see.
# I love dancing..not knowing how to, has never stopped me before. (if you plan on catching a glimpse of my skills, don't hold your breath)
# I don't like reading...funny for someone who likes to write. Thank God everyone isn't like me, because then there will be no one to read my stuffs
# I don't like cooking... hehe don't get me wrong o, I didn't say I don't know how.

Am kinda running out of stuffs so I will take a breather... My list might be short, but am still magical, my name remains the same and it was nice meeting you too.


  1. nice one tiwa! keep it up!

  2. I found this fun to read.

    Nice to meet you.LOL

  3. hehehe Nice to meet you too wunmi.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. ::: Hmmm... revealing piece. TiwaOluwa,I can testify to that. You are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made. "# My brain has a mind..." # I have a very imaginative mind..." plus item 11 & 13. :::

    1. Its good to have you here mon ami...thank you loads (for everything)