Destiny and Us

There comes a time in our life when our destiny is born. At first we pay no attention to it, mostly because we have no idea what to do with it, but as time grows into days, we begin to embrace ourselves and or gifts. Some find it easy, some find it tough, some can tell from the get-go what they want, while some battle with it for most of their live... but it doesn't matter if in the end,we all figure it out.

But do we ever figure it out?, you might ask. I believe we do...how or when I might not be able to explain, but one thing I know is that with the passing of each day, our future becomes clearer and with each step we take towards it, the fights and struggles might probably get tougher. If we remember however that we are much more than our struggles, if we have a heart full of faith... then even the stars would not be impossible to reach.

If we look inside of us and appreciate our gifts, then we will with courage tell ourselves that when the times get tough and when struggles come, we will wait it out.... because our gifts are worth the wait and the changes that we can make cannot be traded. Besides no one gets through life without a fight, all we have to do is make sure we put up a good fight.

"There comes a time when our destiny is born...", I don't know if yours has been born; I don't know if you have figured it out; I don't know if you have embraced it; I don't know if you are living it already...but I know that each of us has a destiny and a great one at that. Find yours, embrace it, and without further ado... starting living it!!!

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  1. ::: Wow... being a while since I've been here. My destiny was born a long time ago and now i can even see its great grand children. We all need a constant reminder and a push to realize it. Well done T' O :::