My Thoughts about 2012

I guess going back to work before the new year excitement and break begins is actually a good thing...as it gives the time to soberly reminisce on the lives we have lived and the life ahead of us..... hehe my heart just skipped a beat!

I remember this time last year, I did a piece on the times and seasons of 2010, and I said "I had from a young girl become a lady, who has loved and has been loved..." lol, can't believe another year has since passed. Hmm 2011... no doubt a great year, a year of deep thoughts, a year of dreams,a year of mistakes, stumbling, but in the end, a year of retracing of steps, finding of paths... in essence a year of the Lord's mercy.

I don't wanna dwell much on 2011, as I am much more excited about what 2012 holds... Some already say its going to be tough, but I say its the year of the Lord's favour (Isiah 61:2), where dreams will become reality and destinies will be fulfilled. I want to believe that its the year for you and I to become our dreams, fulfill our purposes and bless lives around us. I know its much more easier to be an average person;to come to this world, live and then leave (believe me, I feel like opting for that sometimes), but its much more fulfilling to be an extraordinary person; why don't you be the person who helped feed the hungry, or the person who cared for the motherless, why don't you be the person who brought succor to the hurting, or the one that taught the uneducated, my point is why don't you be extraordinary?

Let's look forward to 2012 and acknowledge the power within us, let's count down the remaining days to 2012 and acknowledge the purpose for which we were made,let's with faith take each day until 2012 and acknowledge the task ahead of us. I don't know what will happen if/when fuel subsidy is removed, I don't know if the government has any plans for us, I don't know if finally a functional transformer will be brought to my neighborhood (lol)... what I do know is that in 2012, we've got to stick with God, we have to touch lives, we have to love freely,we have to smile more and we have to reach out to people around us who watch us with deep and unspoken hopes in their hearts, who look to us for their futures and hope that somehow we might play a relevant role in their own pursuit of happiness, who believe in us even more than we do ourselves, who see a leader in us even beyond what we might want to accept... who can put their lives on the line believing that we can change the world...

If along the way you have any doubts about 2012, just remember that regardless of any situation, it is the year of the Lord's Favour... Happy New Year In Advance