No Mistakes, No Heartbreaks...

When life knocks you down, just get back up"... I agree its easier said than done, because many of us have been shut up, we have been knocked down, we have been dragged on the ground, torn apart in places that hurt real bad and by people we loved dearly. We have been shaken up so bad we never want to venture out again. But life is short, no matter how bad you think you've got it, some other person's probably got it worse. If for our past we refuse to live the present, then all hope for the future is lost, but if we damn all consequences and pick up the pieces of our lives, like a puzzle we will begin to fit into ourselves, and with every piece that falls into place comes a satisfaction that words cannot express.

We have made mistakes, we have been heartbroken, we have cried and cried, tried and tried, but whatever doesn't break us, only makes us stronger. Forget the past and times you had failed, pick up yourself and forget times you had fallen, embrace yourself and forget the hurt, pat yourself and forget the back-stabs. You have been down, but who cares when now you are up and better, so keep getting better, keep trying to be at your best, and keep reminding yourself...No mistakes, No heartbreaks can take away what you're meant to be!!!