The power in every heart.

"In every community there is a work to be done,In every Nation there are wounds to heal,In every heart there is a power to do it"

Have you ever had an experience where a random word,a random act or a random gesture changed your day or life forever?. This is what happened to me the day i read this words by Marianne Williamson. I was at that point where i needed an extra push...an extra reason to live,and there it was on my computer screen.

I have a peculiar love for the heart and the power it can wield, a love for the heart and the dreams it can conceive or the imaginations it can bring to life,so it was no surprise that what touched me most was the phrase "... In every heart there is a power to do it". We all can see the many works left undone in our society,and the sufferings on the faces of people around us,but do we all know that in each of us is the power to create the change needed. As many times as i get the chance, i tell people that my greatest fear in life is not the fear of death nor the fear of failure,but my greatest fear is the fear of being irrelevant... Irrelevant to myself,my society and my generation at large.

I think we all should take time out,stand before a mirror,look ourselves in the eye and ask ourselves: "what is it that i can do and am not doing,what is it that i can change yet i wait for others to act,who is it that i can help but still i ignore?" because the truth is there is so much for us to do,that our lifetime is not enough and there is so much in us that a lifetime of tasks cannot exhaust.

Lives can be changed by the dreams of our hearts,if only we will fulfil those dreams and Nations can be shaken by our imaginations if only we will bring them to life. Let us consent to the dreams of our hearts,act on them and live them,because only then would we be able to bodly say that we have LIVED!


  1. just saw this, and I think its great. Well done

    1. Thank you very much, I really aprc8 you!