"made of" not "a maid of"

Growing up,am sure am one of the numerous kids who were familiar with the line "there's a thin line between love and hate". Now all grown up (or atleast mostly grown up),i have figured that there's pretty much a thin line between everything good and evil, and the thin line is basically the choice(s) that we make.

If i want good grades,putting in extra prep hours could be the thin line,or if i want to be great in life,hardwork could be the thin line,and if i want a good president,my vote could be that thin line. So also there's a thin line between been 'made of' and been 'a maid of'. In case you haven't noticed,i have a thing for dreams. Not the dozing off and cojuring images kind,but dreams as in visions,aspirations,goals et al.

So am lying down and thinking of a lot of things when i remember a statement someone once said to me "...you are flippant,with so many ideas in your head,from subtle to absurd". Hmmm...anyways before i could allow it get to me,a voice in my head retorts almost viciously with "yeah right,that's because you are made of dreams,or would you rather be a maid of your dreams". Right then the sigh sound *hmm* turned to a *lol*.

Seriously,don't let anyone put you down,when they say you are flippant and have too many ideas,tell them its 'cos you are "made of" dreams. Savour every positive dream of yours as much as you can (its your right) and refuse to listen to the words of men that make you think you're just not good enough. Because the more you listen,the more you actually begin to believe it and then your dreams would start to drain out of you,till you become no longer "made of",but "a maid of"!

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