Loving "me"

I like me, do you like me?... sang a famous music artist,but do you notice how the statement "I like me" came before the "do you like me?" part. So I guess that means you have to "like me" (lol,am sure you know that by me,i mean you) before you can actuali begin to care if others "like me".

When I like ME, i like "my errors", i like "my excesses",i like "my extravagances",i like "my exaggerations", in short i like "my entirety" (if there's a word like that). The point however is,its important to love ourselves,its important to accept ourselves for who we are,its necessary for us to really appreciate ourselves and everything that comes with the "ME" package. When we love ourselves,then we become capable of loving others,when we appreciate ourselves then we see the beauty in the existence of others. Accepting ourselves also opens your understanding to why you are you and not someone else.

Know this,that "me" is not just about "my excesses",but also "my endearments", ME is the totality of "my existence". Don't know about you,but not liking "me",is like hating my life,which i don't(and you shouldn't too).

So if I were you, i would understand "ME-my essence",maximize "ME-my endearments",and minimize "ME-my excesses" to affect "ME-my environment".
Now tell me; do you like 'me'?

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